School Council

The School Council of Harleston CE Primary Academy was set up in September 2003, and since then it has been an integral part of the school community. Although it is overseen by two members of staff, it is primarily run by children from all year groups and consists of a Chairperson as well as one elected representative from each class and two from each Year 6 class. Through a democratic vote, a new School Council is formed during the Autumn term every year, allowing new members to offer fresh ideas.

The School Council meets on a regular basis to discuss issues raised in their class council meetings. Heated discussions have been known to happen and the children often bring back fantastic ideas, which are then implemented into school. Recent successful suggestions include introducing a football goals timetable for break times and lunchtimes and highlighting a step with fluorescent tape to avoid potential hazards.

School Council also plays a pivotal role in the fundraising days that the school offers. We have continued to break our fundraising record totals each year for the last 3 years, raising hundreds of pounds for Children In Need, Comic Relief and Sport Relief. Our school also supports the charity ‘To Kenya with Love’ and the money we annually raise through non-uniform days go towards sponsoring our friend, Fidel, to fund his education. The success of these fundraising days can be credited to the School Council’s hard work and enthusiasm during the day to sell cakes and collect non-uniform money. Rest assured, they will be planning much more for the children of Harleston Primary to enjoy this year!

We value the opinion of our School Council and have consulted the children on important issues. The School Council representatives were interviewed during our most recent visits from OFSTED and SIAMS inspectors. The elected children regularly interview potential candidates for teaching posts, and their views are taken into consideration before we appoint new teachers and head teachers to the school.