Curriculum Intention

At Harleston we plan our school curriculum with the specific intention of promoting learning and personal growth and development for all pupils, underpinned by our school values: hope, love, respect, wisdom, perseverance and faith. We want children at Harleston to to flourish, through God's love, to live 'Life in All its Fullness'.

Our Intention is:

  • To provide a rich and varied curriculum which is rooted in our school values: hope, love, respect, wisdom, perseverance and faith
  • To support all children to reach a high standard of reading, writing and maths skills across the curriculum.
  • To provide challenging, broad, engaging and ambitious curriculum which is planned to enable children to build on previous learning and secure strong foundations for their learning in the future.
  • To inspire children to want to learn and enjoy learning through the use of topics, hooks and creative outcomes that are relevant to the pupils we teach, engaging them positively in the learning process.
  • To extend learning outside the classroom, through our grounds, local area and the planned use of visits and visitors.
  • To promote a sense of community and belonging for the children with the school, the parents, the church and the wider community in and around Harleston.
  • To prepare Harleston pupils for life in modern British Society by developing in them the attitudes and qualities which enable them to become confident, caring, respectful and responsible citizens.




  • Teachers will have excellent knowledge of the subjects they teach and will constantly refine and develop their knowledge and skills through courses, sharing best practice, undertaking relevant research or undertaking the completion of further professional qualifications.
  • Lessons will provide frequent opportunities for discussion to extend thinking, check understanding, identify misconceptions and provide clear and direct feedback.
  • Children will embrace the challenge of being “in the pit” so they know they can survive being outside their comfort zone, knowing this is a normal part of their learning journey.
  • High quality texts are used in all year groups to promote reading skills, as well as inspiring children to love reading.
  • Teachers will use assessment effectively to check understanding and inform next steps in learning. PixL will be used to ensure that gaps in children’s knowledge and understanding are identified and relevant therapies used to “fill” these gaps.


  • Children achieve well be developing and then securing knowledge and skills as they move through the school. This is captured in the results they achieve at the end of the EYFS, in phonics assessment, end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.
  • Children leave us at the end of Year 6, moving on confidently and successfully to High School.
  • Children are academically, physically and spiritually developed with an established love of learning.
Please contact the school office if you would like to find out more about the curriculum the Academy is following.