At Harleston CE Primary Academy we provide a diverse introduction into ‘Music’.

Children should “perform, listen to, review and evaluate music across a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions, including the works of the great composers and musicians.”   – National curriculum 2014.

Every class has a weekly music lesson which extends skills such as listening, performing, identifying sounds and instruments, reading music, understanding rhythm, singing and playing percussion as well as tuned instruments. We use a variety of resources and schemes, as well as our own musical knowledge, to inform our musical teaching across the school.

We use Charanga: Musical School, an online resource recommended by the Norfolk Music Hub and used in schools across the UK. This scheme has been updated to meet expectations of the new National Curriculum 2014, and offers an insight into music from around the world. We continue to explore this during class teaching and in assembly, where we expose the children to contrasting genres and discuss the musical elements present. We also support our teaching of Music with the Music Express scheme of work.

Descant recorder club for beginners helps children to develop skills in reading standard notation and playing an instrument as part of a group. Children starting on the recorder are then equipped to move on to more technical instruments in the future. Year 5 pupils will also learn to play the recorder during their Music lessons.

Peripatetic lessons are offered throughout the week for years 3-6. We have experienced county music teachers that come to teach woodwind, brass, strings and piano on a weekly basis. The children perform at musical assemblies and school performances which build their confidence and inspire others too.

Each week, we have hymn practices, which provide the children with time to sing together in unison. Children sing during cross-curricular lessons and learn a repertoire of songs each year for their main performances, such as the KS1 Christmas play and the KS2 Summer production.

Our community welcomes the schools musical talents at a variety of events such as Harvest Festival, Christingle, Mother’s Day and Easter services at our local church, St. John’s and Christmas Eve service at St. Mary’s Church of Redenhall. We also sing to celebrate the switching on of Christmas lights in our town, to entertain shoppers in our local supermarket and to spread the Christmas spirit at the St. John’s Winter Bazaar.