Outdoor Learning

Learning need not take place solely with in educational buildings. Outdoor time often provides the most memorable learning experiences and helps children make sense of the world around them by putting their learning into a meaningful context. As a school we feel it is important to allow the children to explore the natural world around them and to provide as many opportunities to take the learning outside. We try to do this by using our outdoor areas as much as possible. We are lucky to have an onsite woodland area where the children are able to explore different habitats, use their imagination to create fairy and elf homes, develop their understanding of different plants and sit around the log circle to share stories, as well as many child led lessons. Also, we have an amphitheatre which is used for a variety of class-based activities as well as musical performances. Additionally, on site we have a pond area which is used for variety of lessons in particular Science lessons where the children are able to get closer nature. We try to give the children as many opportunities across the curriculum and throughout the year to bring their learning outside the classroom.