Primary Languages

With the introduction of the new Primary National Curriculum, language learning is now compulsory across KS2. As a school, we have chosen to teach French to all children in Years 3 to 6. This is to meet the National Curriculum requirements of teaching children about one language in greater depth and providing them with the foundations for further teaching of French at the local high school (Archbishop Sancroft). As part of work in other curriculum subjects, other languages may also be touched upon.

Although not compulsory, children in KS1 are informally introduced to different languages. This may occur when looking at related topics, answering the register or other informal opportunities.

During lessons, children will learn how to communicate facts, opinions and feelings. They will be encouraged to explore the new language collaboratively through engaging activities, games, songs and rhymes before being able to show what they have learned through simple conversations, role-plays and short performances.

As their confidence grows, children will also learn how to write short, simple sentences in the language. They will be taught how to use bi-lingual dictionaries to translate words and consolidate the vocabulary they have learned before applying this to sentence writing as they build up their knowledge of grammatical structures.

In addition to this, children will have the chance to learn about countries where French is the national language. This will enable them to gain an insight into how children in other areas of the world live including their schools, cultures and traditions.