Events List


2017-18 School Activities School Trips Cluster Events
SEPTEMBER 6th Yr 1 Welcome Meeting 6th Autumn Term starts
11th Yr 2 Welcome Meeting 14th Cluster PE Meeting
12th Yr 5 Welcome Meeting 21st ASHS Information Evening
13th Yr 4 Welcome Meeting 27th Yr 6 Stepping Up
14th Yr 6 Welcome Meeting 27th & 28th ASHS Open Days
28th KS2 Water Assembly
29th Harvest Festival
OCTOBER 5th Reception Come & Play 18th Yr 5 West Stow 12th Cross Country
12th Open Classrooms 31st Yr 6 Hollowford 19th Girls Football Competition
16th Nursery Come & Play 20th Inset Day
16th Yr 6 Play Performance 23rd – 27th Half Term Week
19th Yr 5 Reading Café 30th Swimming Competition
30th Rec-Yr 4 Flu Immunisations
NOVEMBER 2nd Yr 3 Reading Café 9th Tag Rugby
2nd KS1 Karate Taster Sessions
3rd KS2 Karate Taster Sessions
6th & 8th Parents’ Evenings
7th Individual & Family Photos
14th Yr 6 Reading Café
15th Yr 4 Reading Café
23rd Reception Come & Play
28th Reception Christmas Play
DECEMBER 5th Nursery Christmas Play 13th Yr 4 Gressenhall 4th Yr 5 Activity Day at ASHS
8th Christingle Service 13th Yr 6 Stepping Up
11th & 12th KS1 Christmas Play 19th Last day of term
12th St John’s Carol Evening
13th Nursery Come & Play
19th Christmas Service
JANUARY 25th Reception Come & Play 3rd Inset Day
31st Nursery Come & Play 4th Spring Term starts
23rd & 24th Sportshall Athletics
FEBRUARY 6th School Library Van Visit 7th Yr 6 Stepping Up
6th Gymnastics Competition 12th – 16th Half Term Week
8th Open Classrooms 22nd Swimming Competition
19th & 21st Parents’ Evenings
MARCH 9th Mother’s Day Assemblies 5th Yr 6 CSI Activity at ASHS
28th Easter Service 12th, 15th & 16th Yr 6 1:1 Interviews
14th Yr 5 Activity Day at ASHS
28th Yr 6 Stepping Up
28th Last day of term
APRIL 18th Yr 5 Holt Hall 16th Summer Term starts
19th Yr 4 Hilltop 26th Yr 6 ASHS Orienteering
MAY 1st KS1 SATs 22nd Yr 3 Time & Tide 23rd Yr 6 Stepping Up
3rd Reception Come & Play 28th – 1st June Half Term week
10th Nursery Come & Play
14th KS1 SATs
14th KS2 SATs
23rd Class Photos
24th Open Classrooms
25th Sports Day (Yrs 1-6)
JUNE 11th Yr 1 Phonics Screening 13th Information Evening at ASHS
15th Father’s Day Assemblies 20th & 21st Family Meetings at ASHS
19th Reception Sports Day 28th Yr 6 Stepping Up
25th Nursery Sports Day
28th Yr 6 Prom
JULY 6th Leavers’ Service 4th Yr 5 Activity Day at ASHS
9th Yr 6 Transition to ASHS
24th Last day of term

Updated 18/10/17