Key Stage 2

In each year group, from year 3 to year 6, we aim to create exciting and memorable learning experiences which inspire and challenge the children.  Through carefully planned teaching and learning opportunities that cater to different learning styles and abilities, we use cross-curricular links to make all learning as exiting as possible.

English – Writing

We teach writing through the ‘Talk for Writing’ approach developed by Pie Corbett.  This enables children to imitate the key language they need for a particular topic orally before they try reading and analysing it.  Through fun activities that help them rehearse the tune of the language they need, followed by shared writing to show them how to craft their writing, children are helped to write in the same style.  It builds on three stages of teaching:

  1. Imitation – the children learn a text and the language they need
  2. Innovation – the children adapt the model text with ideas of their own
  3. Invention – the children create they own text using the language