Year 1

Year 1 is an important stage in a child’s education and development, with the transition from EYFS into Key Stage 1. Children are encouraged and supported to become more independent as they go through the year as they progress towards more structured learning.  From September, a play-based, child initiated curriculum is followed with teaching and learning becoming more formal leading to Year 2.  Tapestry is used throughout the year to record pupil progress and communicate with parents.

Children take the national phonics screening check in summer term and are prepared for this by continuing to learn through Letters and Sounds.  Every day children practise their handwriting with an emphasis placed on cursive, joined up writing.  Throughout the year, the children will explore a range of different fiction and non-fiction texts. We will focus on the structure of sentences and the use of story language to help develop our descriptive vocabulary.

Throughout the year the following topics will be covered: Number, Geometry, Measurement and Statistics. Within this, the children will solve mathematical problems both formally and practically. They will learn to use written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as develop mental strategies to solve problems. By the end of Year 1, the expectation is the children are able to recall the 2, 5 and 10 times table and apply this knowledge to solve multiplication and division problems.

Science/Computing/Geography/History/Art/ Design and Technology
We study different topics every half term and make sure we link subjects into a cross-curricular curriculum.  If we are able to resource making trips out of school, Year 1 will enjoy visits within Harleston, including the church and further afield.

Religious Education
Each term we explore a key concept linked to Christianity and in the summer term Judaism. When Covid-19 permits, we will also make regular visits to the church and attend services to celebrate key events in the Christian calendar.

During 2020-21 we will have daily PE lessons but not change into PE kits to minimise risks from Covid-19.  For Health and Safety reasons children are not allowed to wear jewellery. If your child has recently had their ears pierced then they must bring in their own tape.

Reading Children take home reading books linked to the phonics scheme weekly.  A reading diary is provided for parents to make comments.