Year 1

The Year 1 team is led by Miss Chong and Miss Clark and supported by Mrs Baugh, Mrs Cunliffe, Mrs Duckworth, Miss Nelson, Mrs Patterson and Mrs Staff.

Year 1 is an important stage in a child’s education and development, with the transition from Foundation Stage into Key Stage 1. During this time the children are encouraged and supported to become more independent and progress towards more structured learning. This transition starts to take place during the Summer Term of Reception where the children liaise frequently with both members of staff and classrooms in Year 1. This year the children had the opportunity to join their new Year 1 class during a transition day at the end of the Summer term. During the start of the Autumn Term we continue a play based curriculum initially, gradually becoming more structured by Christmas.

We aim to create an exciting and engaging environment in Year 1, including regular visits to St. John’s Church and our enjoyable summer trip to Norwich Castle Museum. Each half term we explore a different topic e.g. Ourselves and Home Around the World, which incorporates Science, History, Geography, Art and D.T. We also thoroughly enjoy exploring a new ‘Whole School’ project each year.

This term we are focusing on story language and structure, exploring a variety of traditional and modern stories and fairy tales. We are also developing our descriptive and imaginative writing skills, using an adventurous range of adjectives to engage the reader.

Within our Maths lessons we appreciate the importance of practical learning, and observe the children’s delight and enthusiasm in investigating various addition and subtraction problems using practical methods.

Science/Computing/Geography/History/Art and Design/Forest Schools
This term our topics are: Ourselves and Homes Around the World. We are learning about our senses and comparing our skeletons to those of animals. In our topic about Homes Around the World, we will be looking at different types of homes from around the world and focusing in on some of the materials used to make a house.

This term we are learning about ‘Belonging’ and what if feels like to belong to a family, club and religion. After half-term, we will be thinking about the Christmas story.