Year 4

In Year 4, the children work on variety of subjects and topics that teach them new and invaluable skills. As a year group we aim to make the learning experience interesting and memorable and this is achieved through strong creative teaching and activities that require the children to work both independently and as part of a group.

Year 4 also offers the opportunity for the children to take part in their first residential trip with school. On this trip the children go to Hilltop Outdoor Centre and experience a number of activities including archery, mountain biking, low and high bridges and team tasks.

We aim to make Year 4 a year that children look back at with a sense of pride and achievement.


In our English work, we offer the opportunity to learn through practical experiences with a real life audience in mind. We therefore encourage good spelling and handwriting standards. We believe that children will achieve the best of their potential when they enjoy their learning and take an active role.

During their time in Year 4, the children will be working on improving their vocabulary by using powerful verbs, time connectives and using adjectives to add effect. We will aim to use drama in these sessions to improve their speaking and listening abilities as well as their general confidence.

Within writing, children have the opportunity to plan, draft, write and edit pieces of writing for a range of purposes. Genres covered will include; formal and informal letter writing, narratives, recounts, instructional writing, diary entries and information texts.

Children will read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. They will also use the iPads for research, reading and making notes of any interesting information. They will have the opportunity to read in small groups during guided reading sessions, which will focus on developing their skills of comprehension and inference, using books appropriate to their reading age and ability. All Year 4 children are expected to read at home on a daily basis and keep a record of this.

Children have an individual book with weekly spellings to learn. They will be handed out on a Monday and tested on the Friday of that week. They will have the opportunity to practise them in school every morning, but are also expected to learn them at home. The children will learn the spelling pattern and the definition of their words, and play lots of games to help consolidate their understanding.

The children will be taught how to use inverted commas, apostrophes to mark plural possession [for example, the girl’s name, the girls’ names] and the use of commas after fronted adverbials. They will also be taught to use paragraphs and fronted adverbials. The children will receive daily handwriting practise.


Our Maths sessions are fast paced and focus on teaching and improving the techniques the children use to solve problems and the processes behind these.

In Year 4 the children will develop their ability to use formal written methods to solve addition, subtraction and division questions. We will look at shape, space and measure, number, fractions and decimals, capacity and volume as well as a host of other topics.


During Year 4 the children will study a variety of topics including; Sound, Electricity, Teeth and Digestive System, All Living Things, Food Chains and States of Matter. We believe that Science is at its best when the children are engaging in a practical way with the lessons and this is what we aim to do in Science.


In Year 4 the children learn through doing in R.E lessons. Many of our sessions are discussion based and allow the children to express their feelings and reflect on those of other members of the class.


In Year 4, we will focus upon two periods in History. To begin with our topic will be the Victorians and will be enhanced with a trip to Gressenhall Museum of Life where we will experience a Victorian Christmas. Later on in the year, we will be looking at the Egyptians and exploring different subjects including mummification!


To develop the children’s geographical skills we study 3 topics, which take us around the globe. In Autumn term, using the book Shakleton’s Journey as a base book we investigate Antarctica. Japan allows the children to look at a culture very different to their own as well as geographical features like volcanoes. In Summer term, we focus on a comparison study of Harleston Market and Norwich Market in which we visit both.


The children will be designing and making a range of projects and when completed, evaluate to see the areas to improve alongside the excellent bits. Linked to our Antarctica topic, we will design and make a dog coat to help keep a much-loved pooch warm. Linking with our Science, a range of materials could be used but the children will need to find the most effective insulator.


During the two P.E sessions that Year 4 have in a week they will learn to play a range of different games and the skills that are required for these and take part in lessons based around dance and gymnastics.


Children will follow the scheme of work based on Charanga. Through the topics of Mamma Mia, Five Gold Rings and Glockenspiel Stage 2, children will have the opportunity to perform, compose and appraise a range of music.


When focusing upon Computing, children will work in the three areas of the Computing Curriculum. Using Scratch, children will develop their coding skills and using Crumble will have the chance to enhance their code in the real word by using physical computing. To help with their digital literacy, children will get used to word processing, spread sheets and digital presentations. Computing isn’t just about coding and word processing, children will be able to create creative digital content using PCs and iPads.

For more information on any of the curriculum areas, please go to the relevant curriculum page.