Year 5

In Year 5, the children engage in creative, practical lessons which help them learn about the world around them and how they can play their part as a global citizen. We aim to create exciting and memorable learning experiences which inspire and challenge the children by using cross curricular learning, linking subject areas through half termly topics and arranging school visits and visitors which allow the children to become investigators for the day.

For the first term, our topic will be the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. As part of this, the children will have the opportunity to explore the history of our country at this time through a visit to West Stow when they will be able to explore recreations of Anglo Saxon houses and original artefacts and replicas in the museum. They will also study the topic through their work in subjects like English and Art. Later in the year, we will then move on to other topics including Europe and Ancient Greece.

In addition to our trip to West Stow, the children will also have the Year 5 residential in the Spring termThere will also be special events in school including our termly Reading Cafés when parents and carers are invited into school to learn with their child and see the work they have completed in class.




Our writing for each half term generally has a focus on the topic that we are studying. For instance, in the Autumn term, we will be writing newspapers about the Anglo Saxon invasion as well as writing our own stories based on our class reader (Beowulf). Within the children’s writing we will be looking for ambitious vocabulary, accurate punctuation and grammar as well as beginning to use more figurative language and complex sentence structures. It will also cover a range of fiction and non-fiction genres.


During Year 5, the children will have the chance to read different texts for different purposes and audiences. They will have sessions which focus on their comprehension skills in addition to time spent reading independently or with an adult. The children will also listen to books read by the teacher, which will model good reading. There will also be opportunities to read our own writing to younger children in the school.

We ask that each child reads at home for at least 10 minutes every day in addition to time spent reading in class. This will significantly help the child’s fluency in reading as well as their ability to understand texts and infer meaning. This can be logged in the Home School books, which are checked daily.

Each term, there will be a Learning Café which allows parents and carers to share a book with their child or undertake an activity with them and see work they have completed in class.


Each week, the children will be given 10 spellings to learn which they are then tested on. Some of these are dictated by the National Curriculum, with others enabling children to practise certain spelling patterns or words that they are finding difficult.


All areas of Maths will be covered during the year: Number, Geometry, Measurement and Statistics. Within this, children will solve mathematical problems, reason mathematically and become fluent in mathematical concepts. They will learn to use written methods as well as develop mental strategies to solve problems. Children are encouraged to practise their times tables to improve their fluency of recall as well as practise using the different written methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Fractions, decimals and percentages form 1 fifth of our Year 5 curriculum.


Within Science lessons, children will have the chance to learn about different topics through hands-on, practical lessons including experiments which test their use of scientific reasoning. They will learn about materials, their properties and changes in state, forces, plants, the Earth, Moon and Sun as well as changes in puberty in our Growing Up topic.

Topic (History and Geography)

Our Topic work is studied across the curriculum so that children can learn about it in different ways and through different subject areas. This year our topics include the Anglo Saxons and Vikings, Europe, Ancient Greece and America, which cover objectives from the History and Geography National Curriculum. We will look at historical eras in British and European history when we will study the lives of people at these times including their beliefs, traditions and artefacts discovered. We will also look at the geography of these topics in addition to a topic on Europe when we will compare the lives of French children to British children as well as learn about the language in our Languages lessons.


As a Church of England Academy, we will look in depth at Christianity, in particular at Christmas when we will look at Christmas and consider how Christians bring the message of peace and hope during this celebration. Other faiths will also be studied, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam when learning will develop around questions posed to the children, leading to a child-centred approach.

Art and Design Technology

Our Art and Design Technology work is influenced by our termly Topic work. As part of this, we will use different techniques and materials to complete tasks such as designing our own Anglo Saxon artefacts or creating our own artwork influenced by French artists. We encourage individuality within pieces of work whilst at the same time encouraging children to think carefully about the work of other artists and use them as inspiration.


Children have two PE lessons per week which will include elements of dance, gymnastics or games. During these lessons, they will learn key skills in different sports including the importance of sportsmanship and working as a team. They will also consider how to use their body to move and balance to create individual and group routines in Dance and Gymnastics. In the Spring and Summer term, children will have the opportunity to swim once a week at the local high school with some having the chance to improve on their skills again later on in the year. Throughout the year, the children will be exposed to the Real PE scheme of work developing core skills, which they will apply in game situations.


This year, the children will continue learning French. They will do this through fun, engaging lessons which immerse the children in the language through games, role play and songs. As well as learning to speak words and phrases in the language and hold a simple conversation, they will also be taught how to read and write in the language and about the culture of countries that use it.


Children will now have computing lessons in our brand new computing suite, which will teach them about topics such as online safety, digital media, presenting data and word processing. They will also learn about programming and coding using different software on our top of the range Raspberry Pi equipment as well as our laptops and iPads.


We will be using the Charanga scheme of work to supplement our learning of the concepts including pitch, rhythm and melody. They will rehearse and perform a selection of songs, using instruments to add to their performances. The children will also have the chance to learn the recorders during the course of the year.